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On-air, online, and in person, I join discussions about New Hampshire civic engagement, pro-life policy, Catholic citizenship, and my experiences as a slow-but-steady Granite State hiker. Now and then, Jeopardy! comes up, too.

Please use this contact form for information about speaking at your event or on your show.  

 A Sampler of Events and Conferences…

  • “Concord 101,” co-hosted with Neil Hubacker of Cornerstone: a seminar developed in 2019 and presented at churches throughout New Hampshire, offering practical tools for effective civic engagement.
  • Offering the Best of Ourselves: Reflections of a Catholic Citizen in New Hampshire and A Review of New Hampshire Abortion Law (Northeast Catholic College, 2016 & 2017)
  • Speaker at 40 Days for Life rallies, Manchester and Greenland NH
  • Maximizing Social Media: Become an Effective Online Advocate for Life (Bringing America Back to Life – New England conference, 2015)

…and Podcasts, Radio, Video

New for 2019! How to Engage in Local Government, a podcast from the “Concord 101” series produced by Cornerstone Policy Research. This segment is all about New Hampshire elections, voting, and getting to know state-level elected officials. For more on Concord 101, Neil and I visited The People’s View with Carl Seidel (Nashua).

I’ve promoted 40 Days for Life on  Girard at Large, Life With Liz on WSMN 1590, and Gate City Chronicles with Kevin Avard.

Guest hosting on We Hold These Truths, I interviewed Marilyn Musgrave of the Susan B. Anthony List and Kathleen Lauer-Rago of Children’s Scholarship Fund (formerly the Network for Educational Opportunity).

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