On the let-it-all-out theory

There are a lot of would-be Facebook posts and tweets in my digital shredder. These post-election days are not bringing out my best. Some little angel on my shoulder is keeping me from hitting the Send button too often. I know these are serious times, but I can’t help but laugh at myself for having so many opinions and snappy replies that simply must (not) get out there.

I’m reminded of something I read years ago by Michael Perry in Backpacker magazine, of all places. My commonplacing notebook says this is from the June 2003 issue.

Some say I repress my anger, and I reply, You betcha. I have never had much patience for the “let-it-all-out” theory. I know several people who are forever letting it all out, and their spirits remain consistently unimproved.

Hello, social media.

Here’s to consistent improvement – and here’s to avoiding that Send button.

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