I write short-form nonfiction with a focus on New Hampshire, sometimes going farther afield in search of stories and trails.

A few threads dominate the stories I weave…

  • I’m a Catholic woman with experience in political campaigns and public policy work.
  • I’m a pro-life activist who blogs about policy debates at the State House, and who also travels statewide to meet people engaged in different pro-life ministries.
  • I’m a Granite State walker, putting in all the miles I can manage on southern New Hampshire’s beautiful trails.

…and I look forward to sharing those stories.

  • Writing is my favorite form of expression. In addition to blogging publicly, I’ve written for private clients seeking clear and concise analysis of legislative proposals.
  • My book Pro-Life Journeys is a brief anthology of posts from the first decade of my Leaven for the Loaf blog, featuring stories of people doing inspiring work to defend the value of human life.
  • Through public speaking and being a podcast guest, I get to put down my pen and have good conversations on topics including pro-life policy, civic engagement, and outdoor recreation in some of my favorite New Hampshire places.

Pope Francis once said, “…Do I, a Catholic, watch from the balcony? You can’t watch from the balcony! Get involved! Give it your best.”

And so I try.

Media & Speaking Engagements

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