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I’m Ellen Kolb, a freelance writer and Catholic pro-life activist who (to swipe a phrase from Pope Francis) refuses to stay in the balcony.

Engaging in politics is martyrdom: truly a martyr’s work, because one needs to go the whole day with the ideal of building the common good, always carrying the cross of many failures and carrying the cross of many sins. It’s difficult to do good in a society without getting your hands or your heart a little dirty; but that is why you go ask for forgiveness, you ask for pardon and continue to do it. Don’t allow this discourage you. 

…Do I, a Catholic, watch from the balcony? You can’t watch from the balcony! Get involved! Give it your best. If the Lord calls you to this vocation, get to it, engage in politics. 

Pope Francis, 2015

In my writing, I draw on my experience as a family member, community volunteer, Granite State hiker, and pro-life activist.

My husband and I are the parents of five adult children. I survived twenty-plus years in minivans and carpools as a Catholic school parent, leaving me prone to fits of giggling when I hear the term “stay-at-home mom.” Raised in Florida, but a New Hampshire resident for more than 30 years, I am a shameless fan of my adopted state.

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