What’s a “niche” issue?

niche in wall

The most recent edition of the New Hampshire Sunday News featured an op-ed column from a gentleman well-known in New Hampshire political circles.  The headline cheerfully blared “Senate GOP puts NH families first”. The column went on to list the policy priorities announced by leaders of the New Hampshire Senate majority at a recent press conference.

Something was missing. In the words of the columnist, “Absent from their agenda are niche ideological issues and special interest appeals.” I assume that the columnist and the senators are relegating the right to life to one of those niches.

Tough luck, ladies and gentlemen. The minority party has already introduced legislation to lock abortion into the New Hampshire constitution and statutes. There’s also a bill to repeal the Fetal Life Protection Act altogether. The right to life is on your agenda whether you like it or not. If you think stressing the economy is going to get you past that fact, take a look at the last election.

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Header image by Piro/Pixabay.