Getting ready for “Giving Tuesday”

I don’t know who came up with the notion of #GivingTuesday as a way to follow Cyber Monday and Black Friday and (remember this one?) Thanksgiving, but it’s a fine idea. For 2016, Giving Tuesday will fall on November 29.

Over at Leaven for the Loaf  last year, I offered some ideas for ways to give. I’ve edited that post to update the links to likely projects and organizations. I hope you’ll share your own ideas with me.

I’m told that #GivingTuesday is a kickoff to the charitable season. Thanks for the clear border, guys, but where I live – amid people of modest means whose time is the greatest gift they have to offer – giving isn’t a seasonal thing. Still, this recently-minted hashtagged holiday sparks a few ideas. Some involve money, others involve time, and each has special meaning for me. While many of these suggestions are New Hampshire-based, similar opportunities exist wherever you live.

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“God bless them day in and day out”

I share this every Veterans Day. I’ll never understand why these words haven’t gained more currency. Possibly it’s because they didn’t show up in a meme. They were part of an article in The American Spectator in February 2011. Ben Stein wrote this, and as the daughter and mother of veterans, I owe him thanks for his expression of gratitude.

What title of nobility was ever as great as, simply, “American”? What wild dream of my ancestors in Czarist Russia could compare with what I have now, how I live now? Who makes it possible? The men and women who fight our wars, who have lost legs, who have lost lives, who have lost their minds to the cruelty of war. God bless them day in and day out.