“Chattin’ With Jeanine” about Pro-Life Journeys

Many thanks to Jeanine Notter for welcoming me to her show!

New Hampshire state representative Jeanine Notter is from my town, and she hosts her own program on the community channel. I had fun visiting her recently for an interview that started with my Pro-Life Journeys book and went on from there. Here it is, courtesy of YouTube.

“Pro-Life Journeys” news

A few promotional notes: Pro-Life Journeys is an Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal until 2/7/23: 99 cents for the e-book. And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you already have access to the e-book via your Amazon account.

cover of book "Pro-Life Journeys" by Ellen Kolb, showing seaside path with trees

I published Pro-Life Journeys a few weeks ago in a so-called “soft launch,” but it felt pretty intense for this first-time author! It’s been great to meet interested readers and to share the stories from Pro-Life Journeys about some of the remarkable people I’ve met in the course of my work.

The paperback version is available on Amazon along with the e-book. Readers in my area can also get the paperback directly from me, with a quantity discount not available on Amazon: two or more copies (purchased at the same time) for $6 each. You can contact me using the form on the home page of this blog.

There’s no formal book tour, but I’ve been delighted to accept invitations from local friends to speak about the book. The result is always good conversation. Pictured below: a visit to my community TV studio for an interview by neighbor and legislator Jeanine Notter.

Discussing “Pro-Life Journeys” with Jeanine Notter on “Chattin’ With Jeanine,” Merrimack TV